Can We Hear Some Cheering From The Stands?!

Embel Assist is proudly sponsoring the Ripken Experience's Prior Lake Skippers Baseball league.

Our excitement is off the charts as the Skipper squad gears up for the Myrtle Beach tournament.

We're sending our cheers and high-fives all the way to the diamond, daring them to conquer any rivals who dare cross their path! Let's swing for the fences, Skippers! πŸš€βšΎ #EmbelAssistCheerSquad"

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Starting on August 15th Our Media Series Will Feature: A special edition to our blog digging into our customer engagement new assessment- CECMI featuring a Q&A with Embel Assist's CEO Ryan Vaske. We will also air our first episode of MarTech Talks with the EA's Head of Sales and Marketing Aryn White.

Make sure to stay tuned!

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George | Data Architect | Protective

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Kani | Technical Enablement Delivery Management

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Kevin | CMO Team | Go-to-Market Strategy | Product Marketing

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